Sentence Examples with the word ASSIZES

The county is in the south-eastern circuit, and assizes are held at Maidstone.

The assizes for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire were held at Nottingham until the reign of Henry III., when they were held alternately at Nottingham and Derby until 1569, after which the Derbyshire assizes were held at Derby.

The conspiracy was a failure, and Louis Philippe, fearing lest he might make the pretender popular either by the glory of an acquittal or the aureole of martyrdom, had him taken to Lorient and put on board a ship bound for America, while his accomplices were brought before the court of assizes and acquitted (February 1837).

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Richard transferred the assizes from Launceston to Lostwithiel.

For the cost of assizes where there is no separate assize for the borough.

Under the head of laws come the assizes of the Kingdom, edited by Beugnot in the Recueil des historiens des croisades; and the assizes of Antioch, printed at Venice in 1876.

The town is the seat of a bishop, a court of assizes and a sub-prefect; it has tribunals of first instance and of commerce, a lycee for boys, a communal college and a training college for girls, and an ecclesiastical seminary.

The date of the redaction (which was probably made by some learned burgess) may well have been the reign of Baldwin III., as Kugler suggests: he was the first native king, and a king learned in the law; but Beugnot would refer the assizes to the years immediately preceding Saladin's capture of Jerusalem.

By the assizes of the high court, the widow, on the death of her husband, took half of the estate for herself, and half in guardianship for her children.

The assizes of the kingdom itself are twofold - the assizes of the high court and the assizes of the court of burgesses.