Sentence Examples with the word ASSESSED

Dustin assessed her in silence for a few seconds, and she had the feeling his sharp gaze missed nothing.

The income from the state school fund is divided among the counties on the basis of the total number of days of attendance of the public school pupils; the legislative appropriation, however, is apportioned among the counties according to their assessed property values.

While not privy to the Council's business, he assessed the appearance of their father at a time when Rhyn was struggling for control did not bode well for any of them.

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He also measured out their territories in parasangs and assessed their tributes accordingly (Herod.

The market is of ancient origin, and was formerly held on Monday; in the survey the tolls are assessed at 45 shillings.

At the old house Katie retrieved some supplies for Carmen while Bill assessed the damage.

It should be added that the grant of a court of quarter sessions to any borough other than a county borough after the passing of the Local Government Act 1888, does not affect the powers, duties or liabilities of the county council as regards that borough, nor exempt the parishes in the borough from being assessed to county rate for any purposes to which such parishes were previously liable to be assessed.

Gabriel assessed the half-demon was conflicted.

The coup door swung open and Alex assessed the situation quickly.

The expenses in a rural parish are defrayed by means of a rate raised with, and as part of, the poor rate, with a qualification to the effect that agri cultural land, market gardens and nursery grounds are to be assessed to the rate at one-third only of their rateable value.