Sentence Examples with the word ARRAS

When Philip Augustus, king of France, married Isabella, niece of Philip, count of Flanders, Arras came under the rule of the French king, who confirmed its privileges in 1194.

The peace of Arras with France (March 1483) freed him to deal with the discords in the Netherland provinces, and more especially with the turbulent opposition in the Flemish cities.

This feeling was widespread throughout the Walloon provinces, and found expression in the League of Arras (5th of January 1579).

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Jouffroy was appointed abbot of Luxeuil (1451?) bishop of Arras (1453), and papal legate (1459).

Before the opening of the Christian era Arras was known as Nemetacum, or Nemetocenna, and was the chief town of the Atrebates, from which the word Arras is derived.

Lecesne, Histoire d'Arras jusqu'en 1789 (Arras, 1880); Arras sous la Revolution (Arras, 1882-1883).

Owing to its position and importance, Arras has been the scene of various treaties.

The reply to the treaty of Arras was the Union of Utrecht, concluded a few weeks later between the seven northern provinces, who abjured the sovereignty of King Philip and bound themselves to use all their resources to maintain their independence of Spanish rule.

Of Arras at the beginning of Sept., the right wing of the First Army, consisting of the Canadian and XXII.

As the chief town of the province of Artois, Arras passed to Baldwin I., count of Flanders, in 863, and about 880 was ravaged by the Normans.