Sentence Examples with the word ARMS

Without difficulty he pulled her arms through the pajama top and buttoned the garment.

Frankish arms and armour have been found in the cemeteries which abound throughout northern France, the warriors being buried fully armed.

The island between the two arms acquired the name of Insula Sacra (still called Isola Sacra) by which Procopius mentions it.

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Destiny wiggled in Felipa's arms and pointed, declaring in a loud voice.

It wasn't until her body went totally limp in his arms that he realized just how small she was.

Sliding her arms around his neck, she pressed against him.

A man stood near the boulders hedging the cliff, crazed as he flung his arms around and screamed.

To each group is connected a set of apparatus; hence during a complete revolution of the arms a pair of instruments (at station A and station B) will be in communication four times, and the intervals during which any particular set of instruments at the two stations are not in connexion with each other become much smaller than in the case of fig.

The amir's factories at Kabul for arms and ammunition are said to turn out about 20,000 cartridges and 15 rifles daily, with 2 guns per week; but-the arms thus produced are very heterogeneous, and the different varieties of cartridge used would cause endless complications.

She darted to the Other and threw her arms around him.