Sentence Examples with the word APOTHECARY

Disappointed in his early hope of entering the navy, he became apprentice to an apothecary in his native town; but seeing little prospect of advancement in that calling, he soon moved to Geneva (in 1816).

His first acquaintance with chemistry was gained as laboratory boy to an apothecary in Rouen (1777-1779), and after various vicissitudes he obtained an introduction to A.

From his writings it would appear that the offices of physician, surgeon and apothecary were already considered as distinct professions.

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After studying chemistry at Berlin and Strassburg, medicine at Halle, and mineralogy and metallurgy at Freiberg, he returned to his native city in 1735 as assistant to his father, Henning Christian Marggraf, chief apothecary at the court.

It is said that he had four brothers and no sisters, that his father had a country property called La Deviniere, and was either an apothecary or a tavern-keeper.

ANTOINE FRANCOIS, COMTE DE FOURCROY (1755-1809), French chemist, the son of an apothecary in the household of the duke of Orleans, was born at Paris on the 15th of June 1755.

ETIENNE FRANCOIS GEOFFROY (1672-1731), French chemist, born in Paris on the 13th of February 1672, was first an apothecary and then practised medicine.

Having determined to make chemistry his profession, at the age of fifteen he entered the shop of an apothecary at Appenheim, near Darmstadt; -but he soon found how great is the difference between practical pharmacy and scientific chemistry, and the explosions and other incidents that accompanied his private efforts to increase his chemical knowledge disposed his master to view without regret his departure at the end of ten months.

The art of the apothecary is alluded to very early in the Old Testament history (Exod.

While attending Grantham school Newton lived in the house of Mr Clark, an apothecary of that town.