Sentence Examples with the word ANNUAL VALUE

But it did more than this; by the king's instructions it endeavoured to make a national valuation list, estimating the annual value of all the land in the country, (1) at the time of King Edward's death, (2) when the new owners received it, (3) at the time of the survey, and further, it reckoned, by command, the potential value as well.

Notwithstanding the disadvantages of its open roadstead, the foreign trade has rapidly expanded, the annual value of the exports having increased from 62 millions sterling in 1899 to over ro millions sterling in 1904.

Altogether raw silk and silk yarn to an annual value exceeding 1-1 millions sterling are exported from Russia.

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They can charge water rents which depend upon agreements with consumers, or they may charge water rates assessed on the net annual value of the premises supplied.

Multiplying the total number of adult immigrants by any one of these figures, we get the annual value of immigration.

The landowner is made liable to pay the rent charge in spite of any contract to the contrary between him and the occupier; the rent charge if in arrear for three months is recoverable by an order of the county court, whatever its amount may be: if the land is occupied by the owner, the order is executed by the same means as those prescribed in the Tithe Acts; but if it is not, then by a receiver being appointed for the rents and profits of the land: neither landlord nor occupier is personally liable for payment; and appeal lies to the High Court on points of law; and a remission of rent charge may be claimed when its amount exceeds two-thirds of the annual value of the land.

Herrings are exported to the annual value of ioo,000 to X200,000, also mackerel and lobsters.

In Queensland waters there are about 300 vessels, and on the Western Australian coast about 450 licensed craft engaged in the industry, the annual value of pearl-shell and pearls raised being nearly half a million sterling.

To these must be added wine (mostly of excellent quality) of an annual value of about one million sterling, peas and beans, maize, fruit, chiefly cherries and apples, beets and tobacco, and garden and dairy produce.

The harbour of Cagliari (along the north side of which runs a promenade called the Via Romo) is a good one, and has a considerable trade, exporting chiefly lead, zinc and other minerals and salt, the total annual value of exports amounting to nearly 12 million sterling in value.