Sentence Examples with the word ANNUAL

Comte made her an annual allowance, and for some years after the separation they corresponded on friendly terms. Next in the list of the vexations was a lawsuit with his publisher.

Since 1909, however, the various sections have left to the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres the entire direction of the Journal, while still paying the annual subsidy.

The Service of Antiquities now boasts a large annual budget and employs a number of European and native officialsa director, curators of the museum, European inspectors and native sub-inspectors of provinces (at Luxor for Upper Egypt and Nubia, at Assiut for Middle Egypt and the Fayum, at Mansura for Lower Egypt, besides a European official in charge of the government excavations at Memphis).

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Granted a charter for a weekly market on Friday and an annual fair of eight days beginning on the eve of St Andrew (30th Nov.), and in 1285 another charter changing the market day from Friday to Wednesday and extending the summer fair to eight days.

There were five presbyteries holding monthly meetings and annual visitations of all the congregations within their bounds, and coming together in general synod four times a year.

These are the summer and winter portions of the year, and an important result of the prevalence of these winds, with their accompanying rains, which are coincident with the annual extremes of temperature, is to imprint a more strictly insular character on the climate, by moderating the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

The outer layer of bark in the cork oak by annual additions from within gradually becomes a thick soft homogeneous mass, possessing those compressible and elastic properties upon which the economic value of the material chiefly depends.

Through the French territories of Cambodia and Cochin China, and to its annual overflow these countries owe their extraordinary fertility.

The result was that the national treasury became burdened with a heavy annual interest charge, payable abroad in gold, which did not tend to diminish, and had a long period to run before the expiration of the contracts.

Upon the Mons Albanus stood the temple of Jupiter Latiaris, where the annual festival of the Latin League was held.