Sentence Examples with the word ANNIVERSARY

On the 4th of July 1826, on the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, he died at Quincy.

The anniversary is celebrated.

In 1905 the 75th anniversary of Belgian independence was celebrated, and there was a great manifestation of loyalty to King Leopold II.

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He died on the afternoon of the same day, his day of triumph, the anniversary both of Dunbar and of Worcester.

At the consecration of a church twelve lights are placed round the walls at the twelve spots where these are anointed by the bishop with holy oil, of a and on every anniversary these are relighted; at the dedication of an altar tapers are lighted and censed at each place where the table is anointed (Pontificate Rom.

By daybreak on the 74th, the anniversary of Elchingen, upwards of 60,000 men stood densely battalions were sent forward, and these, delaying their advance till the fog had sufficiently lifted, were met by French skirmishers, and small columns, who rapidly overlapped their flanks and drove them back in confusion.

Selleck, Norwalk (Norwalk, 1896); and Norwalk after Two Hundred and Fifty Years, an Account of the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Charter of the Town (South Norwalk, 1901).

The result, after one premature and costly assault on Cronje's lines had been made by Kitchener, was the surrender of 4000 Boers at Paardeberg with their leader on the 29th of February, the anniversary of Majuba.

In 1889 a medal was struck to commemorate the Tooth anniversary of the mayoralty which according to popular tradition was founded in 1189.

Under Vitelleschi, the next general, the Society celebrated its first centenary on the 25th of September 1639, the hundredth anniversary of the verbal approbation given to the scheme by Paul III.