Sentence Examples with the word ANIMAL

This assemblage is now generally regarded as a great division (phylum or sub-phylum) of the animal kingdom and known by K.

The whole is anteriorly somewhat loosely slung to the skin, so as to allow free play when the animal is extending or retracting its introvert.

They feed in wood or spend an underground life devouring roots or animal excrement.

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In the external trade the exports to Russia consist chiefly of grain, cattle, sheep, butter and other animal products, furs, game, feathers and down.

In France admirable recent works are Elements de Paleontologie, by Felix Bernard (Paris, 1895), and the still more recent philosophical treatise by Charles Deperet, Les Transformations du monde animal (Paris, 1907).

Although this result is best obtained when the venom and serum are mixed in a glass before injection, yet if they be injected at the same time in different parts of the body the animal will still be protected and the poison will not produce its usual deadly results.

The African elephant is a very different animal from its Asiatic cousin, both as regards structure and habits; and were it not for the existence of intermediate extinct species, might well be regarded as the representative of a distinct genus.

In the animal kingdom it occurs as both calcite and aragonite in the tests of the foraminifera, echinoderms, brachiopoda, and mollusca; also in the skeletons of sponges and corals.

Bergman worked in the same direction; while Rouelle was attracted to the study of animal chemistry.

They rejected animal sacrifice as well as marriage; the oil with which priests and kings were anointed they accounted unclean; and the condemnation of oaths and the community of goods were unmistakable innovations for which they found no hint or warrant in the old Hebrew writings.