Sentence Examples with the word ANCESTOR

She listed Annie Quincy and Reverend Martin on one of them ancestor search bulletin boards on the computer.

The three commissioners at once laid down a rule - which contains the essence of the act - that only those who could prove that a paternal ancestor had sat in the great council should be eligible for election.

The ivy-clad ruins of Bomby castle, founded in 1582 by Sir Thomas Maclellan, ancestor of the barons of Kirkcudbright, stand at the end of the chief street.

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The borough was founded before 1217 by William de Vernon, earl of Devon, whose ancestor Richard de Redvers had received the manor from Henry I.

It is clear that the Zadokite priests were rendered legitimate by finding a place for their ancestor in the Levitical genealogies - through Phinehas (cf.

His second wife, Hugh's mother, by whom he was ancestor of the earls of Tyrconnel (see below), was Judith, sister of Conn Bacach O'Neill, ist earl of Tyrone, and aunt of Shane O'Neill.

All theories of religion which give prominence to ancestor worship and the cult of the dead are to a certain extent Euhemeristic. But as the sole explanation of the origin of the idea of gods it is not accepted by students of comparative religion.

To check the Bretons and the Normans, who were attacking from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Charles the Bald found himself obliged to entrust the defence of the country to Robert the Strong, ancestor of the house of Capet and duke of the lands between Loire and Seine.

Jutland was acquired by Dan, the eponymous ancestor of the Danes.

It's a big deal to them, to get stuff from their ancestor and find out where she lived and all.