Sentence Examples with the word ANAESTHESIA

Proposals have been made to employ hypnotism as a method of producing anaesthesia for surgical purposes, but there are two grave objections to such employment.

It has been used by some surgeons for the production of anaesthesia previous to the administration of ether or chloroform, but the use of the method is now more usually relegated to obstetric practice.

Morphine-scopolamine anaesthesia was introduced in 1902 by Steinbiickel.

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The fourth ocular result of administering atropine is the production of a slight but definite degree of local anaesthesia of the eyeball.

When a solution of the strength of about i in zo is applied to the skin it produces a local anaesthesia which lasts for many hours.

In such cases the acute collapse occurs in company with both superficial and deep anaesthesia of the limbs, and is soon followed by coma terminating in death.