Sentence Examples with the word AMENDS

We made that small house ring with boisterous mirth and resound with the murmur of much sober talk, making amends then to Walden vale for the long silences.

Having been excommunicated for this by the pope (Honorius III.), he promised to make amends to the church; but he died in 1223 before doing anything to fulfil his engagement.

To make amends for this crime, the Demiurge had now to deliver up to the good God the souls of those who were to be redeemed; they are, as it were, purchased from him by the death of Christ.

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The affair led to a warm friendship, however, and Moore contributed to the Review, while Jeffrey made ample amends in a later article on Lalla Rookh (1817).

As though to make amends for the dull plumage of the species last mentioned, North America offers some of the most brilliantly i Further information will possibly show that these districts are not occupied at the same season of the year by the two forms.

On the Pacific, however, there were great gains; long-established plans for obtaining a port in China which might serve as a base for the growing trade at Tientsin were carried out at the end of 1897; the murder of two Catholic missionaries was made the pretext for landing troops in the bay of Kiao-chau; and in amends China granted the lease of some 50 sq.

Fairbairn, mindful of the vast importance of the conception of God, amends the programme.

Some amends may have been made to him by the commission which he received next year to write verses for the Triomphes poetiques de Louis XIII.

Are those in which the king promises to make amends for the injuries he has done to his barons in the past.

I will make amends for my behavior.