Sentence Examples with the word AMD

No other hand could have ventured to render the hair and beard of a sitter, as it was the habit of this inveterate linearist to do, not by indication of masses, but by means of an infinity of single lines swept, with a miraculous certainty and fineness of touch, in the richest amd most intricate of decorative curves.

From the Asuncion plateau southwards, near the confluence of the Paraguay and Parana, there is a vast stretch of marshy country, draining partly into the Ypoa lagoon, amd smaller tracts of the same character are found in other parts of the lowlands, especially in the valley of the Paraguay.

The lower and middle divisions of the Jurassic, composed of massive limestones more or less siliceous and overlain by the marls amd highly fossiliferous limestones of the Upper Lias, play an important part in the constitution of the chief mountains of the Tell.

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From that time he pursued a successful career in home and foreign policy, and greatly improved the financial amd military position of his country; while his appreciation of the fine arts was shown by his formation of an important collection of paintings of all schools in his palaces at Sinaia and Bucharest.