Sentence Examples with the word ALONG

Below Xiririca, and communicates with an inland canal or waterway extending for many miles along this coast and known as the Iguape, or Mar Pequeno.

They have shown that columns of water of very small diameter can so resist tensile strain that they can be lifted bodily instead of flowing along the channel, They suggest that the forces causing the movement are complex, and draw particular attention to the pull upwards in consequence of disturbances in the leaves.

The whole residency is mountainous, but there are two main parallel ranges of peaks along the northern boundary and through the middle.

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As she trudged along behind him she considered her newfound desire.

At the very moment when she would have seized her prey, the hare moved and darted along the balk between the winter rye and the stubble.

The words passed along the lines and an adjutant ran to look for the missing officer.

Probably the Teutonic pressure began as early as the 4th century before Christ, and the history of the next few hundred years may be summed up as the gradual substitution of a Germanic for a Celtic population along the banks of the Rhine.

The capitania of Pernambuco was ably governed and took an active part in the expulsion of the French from the trading posts established along the coast northward to Maranhao, and in establishing Portuguese colonies in their places.

Deidre listened to their rustling and distant cries and focused on placing her feet along the path.

A weight is moved along the arm of one of the beams until it just keeps the brake steady midway between the stops which must be provided to hold it when the weight fails to do so.