Sentence Examples with the word ALCALDE

They appoint an alcalde or mayor from among themselves to act as president, chief executive officer, and justice of the peace.

A child of the Alhambra, he entered the service of the alcalde as page, and, his.

Before the end of the war Mexican laws not incompatible with United States laws were by international law supposed to be in force; but nobody knew what they were, and the uncertainties of vague and variable alcalde jurisdictions were increased when Americans began to be alcaldes and grafted English common-law principles, like the jury, on Californian practices.

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In the larger towns the alcalde shares his reponsihilities with several permanent officials called tenientes alcaldes.

He was associated in practice there with his brother until 1848, and early in 1849 removed to California, settling soon afterward at Marysville, of which place, in 1850, he became the first alcalde or mayor.

In the municipality the alcalde (mayor) was appointed by the governor-general, and the ayuntamiento (council) was controlled by the veto of the provincial governor and by the assembly of the province.

In 1893 he became municipal alcalde of Cavite, and later joined the Katipunan.