Sentence Examples with the word ALBANUS

The name Albanus Mons is also used generally of the Alban group of hills in which there seem to have been some remains of volcanic activity in early Roman times, which covered the early necropolis of Alba Longa, and occasionally produced showers of stones, e.g.

Upon the Mons Albanus stood the temple of Jupiter Latiaris, where the annual festival of the Latin League was held.

It is generally considered to have been formed by a volcanic explosion at the margin of the great crater of the Albanus Mons; it has the shape of a crater, the banks of which are over 400 ft.

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It has by many topographers been placed between the Albanus Mons and the Albanus Lacus, according to the indication given by Dionysius (i.

ALGIDUS MONS, a portion of the ridge forming the rim of the larger crater of the Alban volcano (see Albanus MoNs) and more especially the eastern portion, traversed by a narrow opening (now called the Cava d'Aglio) of which the Via Latina took advantage, and which frequently appears in the early military history of Rome.

ALBA LONGA, an ancient city of Latium, situated on the western edge of the Albanus Lacus, about 12 m.

The lapis Albanus is a green grey volcanic stone with black and white grains in it (hence the modern name, peperino), much used for building material.