Sentence Examples with the word AGREED

The provinces agreed first to eject the foreigner, then to meet in states-general and regulate all matters of religion and defence.

Finally the king and council unanimously agreed to annul the proceeding of the parlement of Toulouse; Calas was declared to have been innocent, and every imputation of guilt was removed from the family.

Opponents of a second war with Great Britain had revived the Federalist organization, and Federalists from eleven states met in New York and agreed to support Clinton, not on account of his war views, which were not in accord with their own, but as a protest against the policy of Madison.

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The telephone in faraway Indiana rang, first in their agreed sequence, then twenty times before Dean gave up and turned out the light.

At a representative conference in London in 1875 the constitution of the council was agreed upon.

The mismanagement of the campaign brought about a quarrel between the aristocratic party, led by Rinaldo degli Albizzi, and the popular party, led by Giovanni de' Medici's son Cosimo (1389-1464), although both had agreed to the war before it began.

In the settlement made after Alexander's death (323) it was finally agreed that Philip Arrhidaeus, an insane son of the great Philip, and Roxana's unborn child (if a son) should be recognized as joint kings, Perdiccas being appointed, according to one account, guardian and regent, according to another, chiliarch under Craterus.

In the north the progress of Abbas Mirza was stopped at Bayazici by a like deadly visitation; and a suspension of hostilities was agreed upon for the winter season.

Under this instrument the signatory powers - England, France and Holland - agreed that on the demise of Charles II.

The in.vestiture of all present and future conquests in Apulia, Calabria and Sicily, which he agreed to hold as fiefs of the Holy See.