Sentence Examples with the word AGGRAVATION

But being around Cynthia Byrne was worth all the aggravation of these mixed emotions.

Kris's sigh of aggravation came out as a hiss.

At sea, as on land, the Greeks opened the campaign with hideous atrocities, almost their first exploit being the capture of a vessel carrying to Mecca the sheik-ul-Islam and his family, whom they murdered with every aggravation of outrage.

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An unfortunate aggravation of the difficulty arose from his intimacy with the Ashburtons.

Having begged for quarter First and surrendered, they were immediately stripped nearly massacre naked, and about fifty were slaughtered on the spot; of the and about the same number were dragged away, with Mame- every brutal aggravation of their pitiful condition, to U es.

The festival of the new doctrine, which turned the head of the new pontiff (June 8), the loi de Prairial, or code of legal murder (June 10), which gave the deputies themselves into his hand; and the multiplication of executions at a time when the victory of Fleurus (June 25) showed the uselessness and barbarity of this aggravation of the Reign of Terror provoked against him the victorious coalition of revenge, lassitude and fear.

Usually I enjoy seeing the gentle flakes and they cause me little aggravation with their accumulation as I seldom travel more than a block or two when I secure provisions.