Sentence Examples with the word AFTERNOON

They usually spent the morning hours in the garden and the afternoon at the pool.

Paperwork kept Dean chained to his desk until after lunch and he spent the afternoon pacing the courthouse corridor until plea-bargained to freedom shortly before five.

As soon as their strategic purpose of cutting him off from Vienna became apparent, the emperor moved his troops into position, and in the afternoon issued his famous proclamation to his troops, pointing out the enemy's mistakes and his plan for defeating them.

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I wasn't sure if the Pace Arrow motor home had vacated its site or simply was out for an afternoon jaunt.

They paused on the front porch, taking off their boots and shaking their clothes in the afternoon sun.

Watering, which, except during the resting period, should generally be copious, is best done in the forenoon; while syringing should be done early in the morning before the sun becomes too powerful, and late in the afternoon to admit of the foliage drying moderately before night.

In the afternoon Schofield's outposts and advanced lines were attacked by the Confederates in full strength, and instead of withdrawing as ordered they made a determined stand.

Xander spent the afternoon with Toni and then made the journey he didn't want to.

We had hurried through the dish-washing after luncheon, in order that we might have as long an afternoon as possible for the story.

All three Paris curves show three peaks, the first and third representing the ordinary forenoon and afternoon maxima.