Sentence Examples with the word AF

His kingdom was distracted by intestine divisions and rebellion, and the foe i Creasy says that Suliman led his armies against the Persians in several campaigns (1533, 1534, 1535, 1548, 1553, 1554), during which the Turks often suffered severely through the difficult nature of the countries traversed, as well as through the bravery and activity af the enemy.

Porte- While the Spaniards were circumnavigating the in world and completing their knowledge of the coasts of geese Af rica and Central and South America, the Portuguese were actively the East.

The Svenska siare och skalder (Upsala, 1841-1855) contains an admirable series of portraits of Swedish writers up to the end of the reign of Gustavus III.; many of Atterbom's judgments are reversed in the Grunddragen af Svenska vitterhetens historia (1866-1868) of B.

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Lars Johan Hierta (1801-1872) was the leading journalist, Johan Henrik Thomander, bishop of Lund (1798-1865), the greatest orator, Matthias Alexander Castren (1813-1852) a prominent man of science, and Karl Gustaf af Forsell (1783-1848), the principal statistician of this not very brilliant period.

The Nile crocodile makes a hole in white sand, which is then filled up and smoothed over; the mother sleeps upon the nest, and keeps watch over her eggs, and when these are near hatching - af ter about twelve weeks - she removes the 18 in.

He was on friendly terms with the prince's mistress,Henrietta Howard, af terwards countess of Suffolk.

Mikkel, priest of St Alban's Church in Odense, wrote three sacred poems, The Rose-Garland of Maiden Mary, The Creation and 1 Collected as Samling af gamle danske Love (5 vols., Copenhagen, 1821-1827).

The following year saw the return af Napoleon from Elba, the close of the congress of Vienna, and Lhe campaign that ended with the battle of Waterloo.

Carl David af Wirsen (b.

See Martin Veibull, Sveriges Storhedstid (Stockholm, 1881); Frederick Ferdinand Carlson, Sveriges Historia under Konungarne af Pfalziska Huset (Stockholm, 1883-1885); Robert Nisbet Bain, Scandinavia (Cambridge, 1905); O.