Sentence Examples with the word ADVERTISEMENT

In 1909 the advertisement of liquors, solicitation of orders for liquors, and the sale of cigarettes to minors were prohibited.

There was also added an advertisement from him and William Whiston concerning a method for discovering the longitude, which it seems they had published about half a year before.

He anonymously offered a quantity of the metal for sale at an instrument-maker's shop, issuing an advertisement in which some of its main properties were described.

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He also attempted to regain for the Romans the custody of the high priest's vestments; but the Jews appealed to the emperor against the revival of this advertisement of their servitude.

In February 1843 he published, as an advertisement in the Oxford Conservative Journal, an anonymous but otherwise formal retractation of all the hard things he had said against Rome; and in September, after the secession of one of the inmates of the house, he preached his last Anglican sermon at Littlemore and resigned the living of St Mary's.

The stranger, Isaac Beeckman, principal of the college of Dort, offered to do so into Latin, if the inquirer would bring him a solution of the problem, - for the advertisement was one of those challenges which the mathematicians of the age were accustomed to throw down to all corners, daring them to discover a geometrical mystery known as they fancied to themselves alone.

The tendency to eliminate the middleman has not only brought a good many manufacturers into direct relation with the shopkeeper, but in some exceptional cases the manufacturer, adopting some system of broadcast advertisement and postal delivery, has dealt with the consumer.

It can in fact be shown conclusively that the Japan.ese have derived all their fundamental The highest rate of subscription to a daily journal is twelve shillings per annum, and the usual charge for advertisement is from 7d.

Ladybirds are often brightly marked with spots and dashes, their coloration being commonly regarded as an advertisement of inedibility.

The hostility of Paris to the Girondists received a fateful advertisement by the election, on the 15th of February 1793, of the ex-Girondist Jean NicolasPache (1746-1823) to the mayoralty.