Sentence Examples with the word ADJOINING

A beautiful little bird almost peculiar to the south of Tunisia and the adjoining regions of Algeria, is a species of bunting (Fringilla), called by the Arabs bu-habibi.

Thus any pair of adjoining numbers can be interchanged, so that the numbers can be arranged in any order.

Paolo, executed in 1518-1519; in an adjoining chamber are fine arabesques by Araldi (d.

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The principal lakes are Lough Mask and Lough Corrib, on the borders of the county with Galway, and Loughs Conn in the east, Carrowmore in the north-west, Beltra in the west, and Carra adjoining Lough Mask.

In the New Market adjoining is a fountain adorned with sculptures erected in 1874 to commemorate the jubilee of the restoration of Dutch independence (1813).

Along the north-east border of the borough are Cypress Hills cemetery (400 acres), adjoining Brooklyn Forest Park, and the cemetery of the Evergreens (about 375 acres), adjoining Highland Park and partly in the borough of Queens.

Betsy booked three adjoining room, on the first floor, with a view of the pool.

Gangways are left between adjoining rows of tanks, and an overhead travelling-crane facilitates the removal of the electrodes.

Between the Parkeston Quay and Town railway stations is that of Dovercourt, an adjoining parish and popular watering-place.

The provision of a new graving dock adjoining the Alexandra was delayed in October 1905 by a subsidence of the ground during its construction.