Sentence Examples with the word ABSOLUTE DISCRETION

On the same day it claimed an absolute discretion by a decree that the mandates of the electors were not binding on its members.

In 478 or 477 Aristides was in command of the Athenian squadron off Byzantium, and so far won the confidence of the Ionian allies that, after revolting from the Spartan admiral Pausanias, they offered him the chief command and left him with absolute discretion in fixing the contributions of the newly formed confederacy (see DELIAN LEAGUE).

Speedferries will, in addition, have an absolute discretion to jettison, land, destroy or render innocuous any goods such as those described above.

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Under the French law of expulsion (December 3, 1849) there are no such precautions, the minister of the interior having an absolute discretion to order any foreigner as a measure of public policy to leave French territory and in fact to have him taken immediately to the frontier.