Sentence Examples with the word ABDICATE

When, however, Majorianus tried to rule by himself, Ricimer forced him to abdicate and caused his assassination on the 7th of August 461.

Caterina at first refused, for she clung to her royalty, but Venice was a severe parent to its adopted daughter and would not be gainsaid; she was forced to abdicate in favour of the republic, and returned to Venice in 1489.

Having this advantage, he was able to abdicate in favour of Aristobulus and to retire into private life.

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The result was that Prince Milosh was forced to abdicate and leave the country in 1839.

Pedro would abdicate unconditionally in favour of D.

On the 25th of April 1512 Bayezid was forced to abdicate in his favour, and died a few days later.

He applied to the northern Hy Neill to come to his assistance, and even offered to abdicate in favour of the chief of the Cinel Eogain, but the latter refused unless Maelsechlainn undertook to cede to them half the territory of his own tribe, the Cland Colmain.

He forced the Habsburgs, left with only the crown of Austria, to abdicate their Roman-Germanic title of emperor.

Further, at the close of 1798 they virtually compelled the young king of Sardinia, Charles Emmanuel IV., to abdicate at Turin.

Botaniates was forced to abdicate and retire to a monastery, and Isaac declined the crown in favour of his younger brother Alexius, who then became emperor in the 33rd year of his age.