Sentence Examples with the word ABC

It is easily shown that the areas of the lune Adbea and the triangle ABC are equal.

A scalene triangle abc might also be employed, or a tetrahedron.

The following method, depending on the constancy of the sum of the perpendiculars from any point on to the sides of an equilateral triangle, can be adopted: - Let ABC (fig.

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What happened on ABC last night would be common knowledge at the office, school, or hairdresser the next day.

For if in the triangle abc the side ab is taken so as to represent on a given scale the tension of the surface of contact of the fluids a and b, and if the other sides be and ca are taken so as to represent on the same scale the tensions of the surfaces between b and c and between c and a respectively, then the condition of equilibrium at 0 for the corresponding tensions R, P and Q is that the angle ROP shall be the supplement of abc, POQ of bca, and, therefore, QOR of cab.

Aziz AbC MansCr Nizar (al-Aziz billgh), 365386 (975-996).

By adjusting the right ascension of the plane ABC and rotating the axis with the angular velocity of the sun, it follows that BC will be the direction of the solar rays throughout the day.

It is generated as follows: Let ABC be a circle having AB for a diameter.

The distribution of illumination in the image of a luminous line is shown by the curve ABC (fig.

If at any points of a vortex line the cross-section ABC, A'B'C' is drawn of the vortex filament, joined by the vortex line AA', then, since the flow in AA' is taken in opposite directions in the complete circuit ABC AA'B'C' A'A, the resultant flow in AA' cancels, and the circulation in ABC, A'B'C' is the same; this is expressed by saying that at all points of a vortex filament wa is constant where a is the cross-section of the filament and w the resultant spin (W.