Sentence Examples with the word A sea

The first direct attempt to find a sea route to India was, it is said, also made by Genoese, Ugolino and Guido de Vivaldo, Tedisio Doria and others.

Where it borders upon the ocean, while the general irregularity of the coast-line gives a sea frontage of about 250 m.

Absolute master of his country's fate in his fifteenth year (see Charles Xii.), and the league of Denmark, Saxony and Russia, formed two years later to partition Sweden (see Patktl, Johann Reinhold; Peter The Great; Charles Xii.), precipitated Sweden into a sea of troubles in which she was finally submerged.

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Nemertes was a sea nymph, daughter of Nereus and Doris..

This dwarf system of culture gives the Medoc vineyards at a distance the appearance of a sea of small bushes, thereby producing an effect entirely different from, for instance, that seen on the Rhine with its high basket-shaped plants.

The royal palace, begun in 1600 by the Count de Lemos, from designs by Domenico Fontana, partly burned in 1837, and since repaired and enlarged by Ferdinand II., is an enormous building with a sea frontage of Boo ft.

Sailing thence north-westward for many weeks, over a sea so calm that he named it El Mar pacifico, he sighted only two small islands.

Glaucus, surnamed Pontius, a sea divinity.

Although the Coast Prairie is a sea bottom of very modern uplift, it appears already to have suffered a slight movement of depression, for its small rivers all enter embayments; the larger rivers, however, seem to have counteracted the encroachment of the sea on the land by a sufficiently active delta building, with a resulting forward growth of the land into the sea.

They sweep in a broad band of roughly parallel ranges to the south-west, preserving their general direction till they abut on the Great Registan desert to the west of Kandahar, where they terminate in a series of detached and broken anticlinals whose sides are swept by a sea of encroaching sand.