Sentence Examples with the word A green

Abdar-rahman's army was so ill provided that he mounted almost the only good war-horse in it; he had no banner, and one was improvised by unwinding a green turban and binding it round the head of a spear.

The badge is a red enamelled cross with gold borders and double C's interlaced in the angles; in the centre a white medallion with red monogram over a green mound surmounted by the word Fidelitas in black; the cross is suspended from a ducal crown.

The badge is a pale green enamelled cross resting on a' gold crown with eight rue leaves, the centre is white with the crowned monogram of the founder surrounded by a green circlet of rue; the star bears in its centre the motto Providentiae Memor.

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He led her to the uppermost floor of the castle, to a hallway with magnificent views of a green valley with towering trees.

Chromic sulphate, Cr2(S04)3, is prepared by mixing the hydroxide with concentrated sulphuric acid and allowing the mixture to stand, a green solution is first formed which gradually changes to blue, and deposits violet-blue crystals, which are purified by dissolving in water and then precipitating with alcohol.

But as his chief aim consisted not in carrying out his design, but in proving to himself that he would not abandon his intention and was doing all he could to achieve it, Pierre hastily took the blunt jagged dagger in a green sheath which he had bought at the Sukharev market with the pistol, and hid it under his waistcoat.

It is extensively grown throughout India, both for the ripe grain and for use of the unripe cob as a green vegetable.

Soon a green river winked at them playfully between rocks and bushes, and roared impressively as they entered the clearing at the mill site.

He took the children far away to a green valley where his flocks were feeding.

When conferred for service in war the cross rests on a green laurel wreath.