Sentence Examples with the word A Major

But Bryan, a devout Presbyterian, believed government should be a major force in what we would today call social justice and the welfare state.

Carmen had assumed breast feeding would be a natural thing, but as Matthew lay fussing in her arms, it seemed a major obstacle.

CHARLES THEOPHILUS METCALFE, BARON METCALFE (1785-1846), Indian and colonial administrator, was born at Calcutta on the 30th of January 1785; he was the second son of Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe, then a major in the Bengal army, who afterwards became a director of the East India Company, and was created a baronet in 1802.

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The fact is that the uniformity of nature stands to induction as the axioms of syllogism do to syllogism; they are not premises, but conditions of inference, which ordinary men use spontaneously, as was pointed out in Physical Realism, and afterwards in Venn's Empirical Logic. The axiom of contradiction is not a major premise of a judgment: the dictum de omni et nullo is not a major premise of a syllogism: the principle of uniformity is not a major premise of an induction.

As we have seen, Jevons, Sigwart and Wundt all think that induction contains a belief in causation, in a cause, or ground, which is not present in the particular facts of experience, but is contributed by a hypothesis added as a major premise to the particulars in order to explain them by the cause or ground.

Even Alex had to know that was a major obstacle.

But there was no domestic product nor manufacture; the kingdom depended solely upon the now precarious transit dues, and administration was in the hands of a major domus also called khakan.

There are obscure passages in the system, but it is now rapidly becoming a major thoroughfare.

He was much more cordial now that he was immersed in what amounted to a major man hunt.

The germ of this dealing with a major causa may be found in the practice of the Arian emperors in the 4th century.