Sentence Examples with the word A List

Jacobus de Voragine left a list of his own works.

The following is a list of the best timbers for different situations: for general construction, spruce and pine of the different varieties; for heavy constructions, pitch pine, oak (preferably of English growth), teak, jarrah; for constructions immersed in water, Baltic pine, elm, oak, teak, jarrah; for very dry situations, spruce, pines, mahogany, teak, birch, sycamore.

Waddell gives a list of 164 species of plants collected by him at Lhasa, several being new species.

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On a list of the inhabited centres of the Campagna of the 14th century with the amount of salt (which was 1 The commune of Rome as such seems to have been in existence in 999 at least.

America can claim a list of over twenty specialist clubs, and in both countries women exhibitors have their independent associations, Queen Alexandra having become one of the chief supporters of the Ladies' Kennel Association (England).

For the very reason that his presence is common and universal he is not localized to the same extent as his fellow-deities, and, while always enumerated in a list of the great gods, his place in the systematized pantheon is more or less vague.

Since the landgrave, however, was reluctant to see the colloquy brought to an absolutely fruitless close, he requested Luther to draw up a list of the most important points of doctrine on which it might yet be possible to arrive at some degree of unanimity.

Betsy printed out Martha's Email and a list of FBI offices around the country.

June 1596 and signed by Napier, giving a list of his inventions for the defence of the country against the anticipated invasion by Philip of Spain.

About this time I sent a list of the words she knew to Mr. Anagnos, and he very kindly had them printed for her.