Sentence Examples with the word 94

In the main chain the two longest are both 94 m., the Mer de Glace at Chamonix and the Gorner at Zermatt.

C. 9, and Canon 94 of the Canons of 1603.

P. di Cesnola, Cyprus, 1878 passim) and to the British Museum (Excavations in Cyprus, 18 94 (1899) passim); but the city has vanished, except fragments of wall and of a great stone cistern on the acropolis.

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In the north, after several attempts during the 9th century which met with only temporary success, Christianity was established in Denmark under Harold Bluetooth, about 94 0 -9 60, and in Norway and Sweden before the end of the century, while in Iceland it obtained public recognition in the year 1000.

There are 94 civil parishes, while the ecclesiastical parishes or districts wholly or in part within the county number 70, of which 67 are in the diocese of St David's and the archdeaconry of Brecon, the remaining 3 being in the diocese of Llandaff.

Of the 94 lines under traffic, 45 were operating by virtue of national and 49 by provincial and state concessions.

Farther west, the Vrbas cuts a channel through the Dinaric Alps, and, after passing Jajce and Banjaluka, meets the Save 94 m.

Ecc. Discipline, pp. 9, 94 et seq.).

Matritensis 10041 (begun in the year A.D 94 8), the words are omitted under the heading council of Constantinople but inserted under the heading council of Toledo, in the former MS., above the line and in a later hand, which shows conclusively how the interpolation crept in.

The duration of each eclipse is 94 hours.