Sentence Examples with the word 93

In 93 he was elected praetor 'after a lavish squandering of money, and he delighted the populace with an exhibition of a hundred lions from Africa.

Bib., 3 6 93 seq.) which needs simply to be chronicled.

The one is supported by ABN, and the other - a revision of the first - by codices 19, 93 a, 108b.

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New docks, 93 acres in extent, with an entrance from the firth, were opened in 1905 at a cost of more than i,000,000.

On page 132, in a letter, there is a passage which must have been suggested by my story called 'The Rose Fairies' (see pp. 13-16 of 'Birdie') and on pages 93 and 94 of the Report the description of a thunderstorm is very much like Birdie's idea of the same in the 'Dew Fairies' on page 59 and 60 of my book.

In 93 1 he entered the service of King Hugo of Italy as page; he afterwards rose to a high position at the court of Hugo's successor Berengar, having become chancellor, and having been sent (949) on an embassy to the Byzantine court.

At Karasjok, observing several times throughout the day for a good many months, Simpson (10) obtained a mean of 93 and a maximum of 432.

There are, however, considerable reductions for distances over 93 m., on a scale increasing in proportion to the distance.

See also Felix Rocquain, La Papaute au moyen age (Paris, 1881) and La Cour de Rome et l'esprit de reforme avant Luther (3 vols., Paris, 18 93 - i 8 97); J.

As.) Montelimar, a town of south-eastern France, capital of an arrondissement in the department of Drome, near the left bank of the Rhone, 93 m.