Sentence Examples with the word 92

Of the 554 men who constituted the British force on Majuba, 92 were killed and 134 wounded, Sir George Colley himself being amongst those who were slain.

Mesopotamia was a definite part of the Parthian empire, of which the Euphrates became the western boundary; but in 92 B.C. on that river his P: o h c r ambassador met Sulla, though the long duel did not begin immediately.

The telephone system is considerably developed; in 1904, 92 urban and 66 inter - urban systems existed.

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In 92 he defended his uncle P. Rutilius Rufus, who had been unjustly accused of extortion in Asia.

Angus Smith determined London air to vary in oxygen content from 20.857 to 20.95, the air in parks and open spaces showing the higher percentage; Glasgow air showed similar results, varying from 20.887 in the streets to 20 92 9 in open spaces.

Ahenobarbus was elected pontifex maximus in 103, consul in 96 and censor in 92 with Lucius Licinius Crassus the orator, with whom he was frequently at variance.

In 92 he was charged with the very offence of extortion which he had done his utmost to prevent.

A train weighing 92 tons could be drawn by one engine at the rate of 5 m.

On the 14th16th of August 1784, when 92 farmsteads were totally destroyed, and 372 farmsteads and II churches were seriously damaged; and again in August and September 1896, when another terrible earthquake destroyed 161 farmsteads and damaged 155 others.

At this period an exact knowledge of the depths of the ocean off after the beginning of the south-west monsoon to a minimum assumed an unlooked-for practical importance from the daring in August, the total range being 92 in.