Sentence Examples with the word 9

Natanson (Ann., 1856, 9 8, p. 297) by the action of ethylene chloride on aniline, and by A.

In consequence of these and other views, he was denounced from the pulpits, forbidden to lecture or to write (May 10, 16 9 0), and his arrest was ordered.

The amount of nourishment required for this rearing is as follows: hatching to first moult, about 9 lb of leaves of tender growth, equal to 40 to 45 lb ripe leaves; first to second moult, 24 lb, representing roc) lb ripe leaves; second to third moult, 80 lb, representing 240 lb ripe leaves; third to fourth moult, 236 lb, representing 472 lb ripe leaves; fourth moult to mounting, 1430 lb, representing 1540 lb ripe leaves, totalling to about one ton of ripe leaves for a complete rearing.

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Hantzsch (Ber., 18 9 6, 2 9, p. 947 1898, 31, p. 1253) has shown that the chlorand bromdiazoniumthiocyanates, when dissolved in alcohol containing a trace of hydrochloric acid, become converted into the isomeric thiocyanbenzene diazonium chlorides and bromides.

ACERRA, a town and episcopal see of Campania, Italy, in the province of Caserta, 9 m.

Stick-insects are intolerant of cold, and attain their largest size and greatest profusion of species in the tropics, one West African species, Palophus centaurus, reaching a length of 9 in.

A bitter critic of King Humbert, both in the Perseveranza and in the Nuova Antologia, he was, in 1893, excluded from court, only securing readmission shortly before his death on the 22nd of October 18 9 5.

In addition to these there are subsidiary maxima at intervals of 41, 9 and 84-93 years.

The capital of the territory is Tepic (pop. 1900, 15,488), attractively situated on a small plateau 2 9 50 ft.

I 9 (Aperite mihi Aortas justitiae).