Sentence Examples with the word 8vo

Coghlan, A Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia, 8vo (Sydney, 1904); G.

Epps, The Land Systems of Australia, 8vo (London, 1894); Ernest Favenc, The History of Australasian Exploration, royal 8vo (Sydney, 1885); R.

The Abbe Migne published a very useful edition of the Summa Theologiae, in four 8vo vols., as an appendix to his Patrologiae Cursus Cornpletus; English editions, J.

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Dupetit Thouars in the Biographie universelle; all these were collected under the title Memorials of Ray, and edited (with the addition of a complete catalogue of his works) by Dr Edwin Lankester, 8vo (Ray Society), 1846; Correspondence (with Willughby, Martin Lister, Dr Robinson, Petiver, Derham, Sir Hans Sloane and others), edited by Dr Derham, 1718; Selections, with additions, edited by Lankester (Ray Society), 1848.