Sentence Examples with the word 88

There were 88 glass 88 It is probable that the flint-glass of that date was very different from the flint-glass of to-day.

He was at last overthrown in a general rising headed by Telemachus, the ancestor of Theron (tyrant c. 4 88 -47 2), and burned in his brazen bull.

In 88 B.C., after the triumph of Sulla, when the younger Marius fled from Rome to Africa, Hiempsal received him with apparent friendliness, his real intention being to detain him as a prisoner.

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He was much impressed by the teaching of Phaedrus, the Epicurean, at a period before he assumed the toga virilis; he studied dialectic under Diodotus the Stoic, and in 88 B.C. attended the lectures of Philo, the head of the Academic school, whose devoted pupil he became.

It became a colony in 295 B.C. In 88 B.C. Marius in his flight from Sulla hid himself in the marshes of Minturnae.

Thus more than 88 millions of the Russians are peasants.

For only 88 of them has it been possible as yet to deduce a period, and at least half even of these periods are very doubtful.

With the handle lengthened (86) and turned forward, this became the plough (87 is the hieroglyph, 88 the drawing, of a plough); this was always sloping, and never the upright post of the Italic type.

KALOCSA, a town of Hungary, in the county of Pest-PilisSolt-Kis-Kun, 88 m.

Canals of Greenwich 88 Longitude West important cities are Ottawa (the capital of the Dominion) (59,9 28 in 1 9 01), Hamilton (52,634), London (37,981), Kingston (17,961).