Sentence Examples with the word 86

The shortening of the time was perhaps accounted for by the fact that the new House of Commons consisted of 331 Liberals, 249 Conservatives, 86 Home Rulers and Independents, Parnell thus holding the balance of parties.

On his father's death in 85 or 86 he was placed under the guardianship of two fellowcountrymen, his kinsman Ulpius Trajanus (afterwards the emperor Trajan), and Caelius Attianus (afterwards prefect of the praetorian guard).

DUX (Czech Duchcov), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 86 m.

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A common formula has i 1 parts of the acid, 3 of extract of Indian hemp, and 86 of collodion.

The Holy Ghost College became Duquesne University, and in 1920 had 2,129 students, including department of law, 86 students, and evening school of accounts and finance, 1,120 students.

ROCKLAND, a city and the county-seat of Knox county, Maine, U.S.A., on Rockland Harbor, Penobscot Bay, 86 m.

In the latter territorial division there exists a great disproportion between the sexes, namely, to every Ioo males only 86 females; indeed in the Black Sea government there are only 65.5 females to every too males.

That this unit is quite distinct from the Persian 86 grains is clear in the Egyptian weights, which maintain a wide gap between the two systems. Next, in Syria three inscribed weights of Antioch and Berytus (18) show a mina of about 16,400, or 200 x 82.

The proportion between the sexes was, for all races, 84.35 females to loo males; for white inhabitants only 74.91 females to ioo males; for aboriginal inhabitants only 90 86 females to 100 males.

He was instrumental in saving New York and Vermont from invasion by his brilliant victory of lake Champlain gained, on the nth of September 1814, with a flotilla of 14 vessels carrying 86 guns, over Captain George Downie's 16 vessels and 92 guns.