Sentence Examples with the word 83

And 90 days at Astrakhan, the Don for Too to 110 days, and the Dnieper for 83 to 122 days.

The special secondary institutions, distinct from those already reckoned under the universities and allied schools, include an Oriental institute at Naples with 243 pupils; 34 schools of agriculture with (1904-1905) 1925 students; 2 schools of mining (at Caltanisetta and Iglesias) with (1904-1905) 83 students; 308 industrial and commercial schools with (1903-1904) 46,411 students; 174 schools of design and moulding with (1898) 12,556 students; 13 government fine art institutes (1904-1905) with 2778 students and 13 nongovernment with 1662 students; 5 government institutes of music with 1026 students, and 51 non-government with 4109 pupils (1904-1905).

His works include Ad Sabinum, a commentary on the jus civile, in over 50 books; Ad edictum, a commentary on the Edict, in 83 books; collections of opinions, responses and disputations; books of rules and institutions; treatises on the functions of the different magistrates - one of them, the De officio proconsulis libri x., being a comprehensive exposition of the criminal law; monographs on various statutes, on testamentary trusts, and a variety of other works.

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He had 178 votes in the electoral college against 83 given for Adams. Though the work of redistribution of offices began almost at his inauguration, it is yet an incorrect account of the matter to say that Jackson corrupted the civil service.

BODENBACH (Czech Podmokly), a town of Bohemia, Austria, 83 m.

Parliamentary division of Wiltshire, England, 83 m.

The British casualties amounted to 14 killed and 83 wounded.

From 83 to 69 is the transient episode of Armenian conquest, and in 64 the last shadow of Seleucid rule vanished, when Syria was made a Roman province by Pompey.

Of line and 83 offices, and in 1865 conveyed over 316,000 messages, but it was not financially successful.

TETSCHEN, a town of Bohemia, Austria, 83 m.