Sentence Examples with the word 81

The origin of the quaestorship is obscure, but it was probably instituted simultaneously with the consulship in 509 B.C. 1 The number of the quaestors was originally two, but this was successively increased to four (in 421 B.C.), eight (in 267 or 241 B.C.), and by Sulla (in 81 B.C.) to twenty.

KEMPTEN, a town in the kingdom of Bavaria on the Iller, 81 m.

When accused by Sulla (to whom he had been quaestor in 81 B.C.) of having squandered the public money, he refused to render any account, but insolently held out the calf of his leg (sera), on which part of the person boys were punished when they made mistakes.

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In 81 r Nicephonis invaded Bulgaria and drove Krum to ask for terms, but in a night attack he allowed himself to be surprised and was slain along with a large portion of his army.

From the Solway Firth and 81 m.

This land was divided between the stanitsas, at the rate of 81 acres per each soul, with special grants to officers (personal to some of them, in lieu of pensions), and leaving about one-third of the land as a reserve for the future.

Cisalpine Gaul was apparently formed into a province by Sulla in 81 B.C. and continued to be so until the fall of the Republic.

There are also traces of the division of the lands in the immediate vicinity of the town into squares by parallel paths (decumani and cardines) at regular intervals of 1111 - Roman feet, postulating as the basis of the division a square with a side of 10,000 Roman feet, divided into 81 smaller squares - an arrangement which could not have existed at Puteoli, and must have arisen elsewhere.

A successful operation for cataract restored his eyesight in June 1900, and notwithstanding his 81 years he resumed to some extent his former political activity.

When the ground was covered by snow the mean value of A was only 42, as compared with 81 when there was no snow.