Sentence Examples with the word 8

The Wolds form a ridge of bold hills extending from Spilsby to Barton-on-Humber for about 40 m., with an average breadth of about 8 m.

This ridge extends, with breaks, from Sodus to the Niagara river, and is distant from the lake 3 to 8 m.

The borough is under a mayor, 8 aldermen and 24 councillors.

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Pp. 8 0 -94, 95112) showed by his calculus of hyper-determinants that an infinite series of such functions might be obtained systematically.

The mean annual rainfall for Sassari for1871-1900was 24.45 in., the average number of days on which rain fell being 109, of which 37 were in winter and only 8 in summer - the latter equal with Palermo, but lower than any other station in Italy.

The bull-frog of the eastern United States and Canada, reaching a length of nearly 8 in.

Until 1894 the fairway up to Bremen had a minimum depth of little over 8 ft.; thereafter important works were undertaken, the minimum depth was made 18 ft., and the importance of Bremen as a port was greatly enhanced.

To prevent their growing lanky, they should be kept with their heads almost touching the glass; and as the pots get filled with roots they must be shifted into others, 7 or 8 in.

Orders, however, were sent to Ney, about 8 A.M., to take up his position at Quatre Bras, and if that was impossible he was to report at once and the emperor would co-operate.

The term of service is 2 years (3 years in the cavalry) with the colours, 7 or 8 in the reserve and 2 in the Landwehr; in the case of men not drafted to the active army the same total period of service is spent in various special reserves.