Sentence Examples with the word 79

The county comprises 14 baronies and 79 civil parishes and parts of parishes.

Soc., 18 99, 75, p. 79 2) found that the addition of methyl iodide to a methyl alcohol solution of hydroxylamine resulted in the formation of trimethyloxamine, N(CH3)30.

The Babylonian computers were not only aware that Venus returns in almost exactly eight years to a given starting-point in the sky, but they had established similar periodic relations in 4 6, 59, 79 and 83 years severally for Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

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See John Phillips, Vesuvius (1869); Pompei e in Regione Sollerta dal Vesuvio nell Anno 79 (Naples, 1879); L.

The British Eocene and Oligocene strata yield so large a flora, and contain plant-beds belonging to so many different stages, that it is unfortunate we have still no monograph on the subject, the one commenced by Ettingshausen and Gardner in 1879 having reached no farther than gocene 79 g Oli of Great the Ferns and Gymnosperms. This deficiency makes it impossible to deal adequately with the British Eocene plants, most of the material being either unpublished or needing re-examination.

In 79 he was curule aedile with his brother, in 77 praetor, in 73 consul with Gaius Cassius Varus.

Soc., 1 79 1, 3, p. 3), P. Barlow, and F.

In 1679, but rather in consequence of Lord Clarendon's arbitrary proceedings 4 than of Jenkes's case, a fresh bill was introduced which passed both Houses (it is said the upper House by the counting of one stout peer as ten) and became the famous Habeas Corpus Act of 16 79 (31 Car.

B For nearly fifteen hundred years after the catastrophe of 79 t, Tesuvius remained in a condition of less activity.

In 79 Sulla resigned his dictatorship and retired to Puteoli (mod.