Sentence Examples with the word 75

In England the following standards are used for plate and jewelry: 375, 500, 62 5, 75 0 and 916.6, corresponding to 9, 12, 15, 18 and 22 carats, the alloying metals being silver and copper in varying proportions.

The beginning of the active opposition to the crown may be placed in the resistance, led by James Otis, to the issuing of writs (after 1 75 2, Otis's famous argument against them being made in 1760-1761) to compel citizens to assist the revenue officers; followed later by the outburst of feeling at the imposition of the Stamp Act (1765), when Massachusetts took the lead in confronting the royal power.

The steel is cast in lots, weighing in some cases as much as 75 tons, in enduring cast iron moulds into very large ingots, which with their initial heat are immediately rolled down by a series of powerful roll trains into their final shape with but slight wear and tear of the moulds and the machinery.

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A ratio of 48 to is the minimum allowable; better 60 to 75 to 1, and for highly tempered steel ropes ratios of 150 to i or more are desirable.

The Senonian strata have yielded 118 species, 21 of which are Cryptogams, 1 i Conifers, 5 Monocotyledons, 75 Dicotyledons.

A burner was constructed which gave a sheet of flame 75 o mm.

For sponge fishing no accurate statistics are available before 1896; in that year 75 tons of sponges were secured, but there has been considerable diminution since, only 31 tons being obtained in 1902.

The railway mileage of Dakota in 1870 (before the present states of South and North Dakota were erected) was only 75 m., and in 1880, 1225 m.

NJarinelli 1 estimated that between the years 1823 and 1893 the annual increase was at the average rate of 173 to 1 75 acres, and the total accretion at about 20 sq.

The flue-dust from the pyrites of Theux, near Spa (Belgium), according to BSttcher, contains o 5 to o 75 per cent.