Sentence Examples with the word 71

EVELETH, a city of St Louis county, Minnesota, U.S.A., about 71 m.

The Third Servile War occurred in the Roman Republic from 73 BC to 71 BC.

In the 5th century the bishop of Augusta Rauricorum (now called Kaiser Augst), 71 m.

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At Llanllaianau was found, in 1841, a stone coffin, holding a well-preserved skeleton of 71 ft.

Species of 51 more seem to occur as true natives within the Ethiopian and Indian regions, and besides these 18 appear to be common to the Ethiopian without being found in the Indian, and no fewer than 71 to the Indian without occurring in the Ethiopian.

He was praetor (66) and twice consul, in 71 with the emperor Vespasian for colleague, and again in 90 with Domitian.

Hamelmann, Opera genealogico-historica (r 71 I); H.

Thence it runs westward to Florence and through the gorge of Golfolina onwards to Empoli and Pisa, receiving various tributaries in its course, and falls into the sea 71 m.

Further, in treating rhetoric as an art in the Theodectea he was forced into a conclusion, which carried him far beyond Plato's rigid notions of proof and of passion: he concluded that it is the work of an orator to use persuasion, and to arouse the passions (TO Tic 71 - 607 7 bcayeipaL), e.g.

The United Presbyterian Church has a board of foreign missions (reorganized in 1859) with missions in Egypt (1853), now a synod with four presbyteries (in 1909, 71 congregations, 70 ministers and 10,341 members), in the Punjab (1854), now a synod with four presbyteries (in 1 909, 35 congregations, 51 ministers and 17,321 members), and in the Sudan (1901); and boards of home missions (reorganized, 1859), church extension (1859), publication (1859), education (1859), ministerial relief (1862), and missions to the freedmen (1863).