Sentence Examples with the word 67

OLMUTZ (Czech, Olomouc or Holomauc), a town of Austria, in Moravia, 67 m.

AKHMIM, or EKHMIM, a town of Upper Egypt, on the right bank of the Nile, 67 m.

On the 28th Sir Harry Smith, with a view to clearing the left or British bank, attacked him, and after a desperate struggle thrice pierced the Sikh troops with his cavalry, and pushed them into the river, where large numbers perished, leaving 67 guns to the victors.

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McClellan had at his disposal 32 brigades and 67 batteries organized in five corps each of two or three divisions.

In the spring of 67 Vespasian, who had been appointed by Nero to crush the rebellion, advanced from his winter quarters at Antioch.

RUTLAND, a city and the county seat of Rutland county, Vermont, U.S.A., on Otter creek, about 67 m.

ANDOVER, a market-town and municipal borough in the Andover parliamentary division of Hampshire, England, 67 m.

The number of scholars in the elementary schools for1901-1902was 59.09 per loon (Calabria 42.27, Tuscany 67 09, Piedmont 118.00); the teachers are 1.34 per woo, a total of 1084 of both sexes (among whom only one priest) (Calabria 1.18, Tuscany I 29, Piedmont 2.

The group is commonly estimated to consist of 67 islands, of which 30 are inhabited (though in the case of four of them the population comprises only the light house attendants), but the number may be increased to as many as 90 by including rocky islets more usually counted with the islands of which they probably once formed part.

The rainfall at Colon on the north coast varies from 85 to 155 in., with 125 as the mean; at Gamboa in the interior it varies from 75 to 140 in., with 92 as the mean; and at Panama on the south coast it varies between 47 and 90 (rarely 104 in.), the mean being 67 in.