Sentence Examples with the word 64

OBERAMMERGAU, a village of Bavaria, Germany, district of Upper Bavaria, situated amongst the foot-hills of the Alps in the valley of thQ Ammer, 64 m.

Those of the first class, which comprise rather less than half the entire system, have a minimum depth of 64 ft., with locks 126 ft.

Its wish prevailed, and it passed with Syria to the Roman Republic in 64 B.C., but remained a civitas libera.

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Asiaticus, made peace on advantageous terms with Pompey in 64 B.C. Subsequently he fought on Pompey's side in the Civil War, and later still repelled an attack on Samosata by Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony.) He died before 31 B.C. and was succeeded by one Mithradates I.

I.-xxxvi., lxxii.-cv., written in the time of John Hyrcanus; (2) xxxvii.-lxxi., xvii.-xix., before 64 B.C.; (3) the Noachic fragments, vi.

It is estimated that the eating and caving of the shore below Little Rock averages 7 64 acres per mile every year (as against 1.99 acres above Little Rock).

In the area enclosed are the Victoria basin, covering 64 acres, the;Alfred basin of 82 acres, a graving dock 529 ft.

Accordingly, when Pompey annexed Syria in 64 B.C. as a Roman province, he found it a chaos of city-states and petty princi palities.

Already in 68 B.C. he had paraded the bust of Marius at his aunt's funeral; in 65 B.C., as curule aedile, he restored the trophies of Marius to their place on the Capitol; in 64 B.C., as president of the murder commission, he brought three of Sulla's executioners to trial, and in 63 B.C. he caused the ancient procedure of trial by popular assembly to be revived against the murderer of Saturninus.

The average acceleration in feet per second is measured by the fraction Change of speed in feet per sec. 60.07-58.6 64 tons; and to obtain the horse-power the boiler will be one of the largest that can be built to the construction gauge.