Sentence Examples with the word 63

Leaving the hills above Opladen, it debouches on to the plain and enters the Rhine at Rheindorf between Cologne and Dusseldorf, after a course of 63 m.

In 447 years the anticipation would amount to about 11 2 days, and the beginning of the year would in consequence be thrown back to near the beginning of the Julian year 63 2.

The absolute capacity of the cranium of the gorilla is far less than that of man; the smallest adult human cranium hardly measuring less than 63 cub.

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In Domesday the manor is mentioned as consisting of 63 acres of land.

Its chief town and the residence of the governor used to be Joshekan-Kali, a large village with fine gardens, formerly famous for its carpets (kali), but now the chief place is Maimeh, a little city with a population of 2500, situated at an elevation of 6670 ft., about 63 m.

Details of the calculated orbits of 63 spectroscopic binaries are given in Publications of the Alleghany Observatory, vol.

Errors in policy and in government facilitated the rise of Pontus into a formidable power under Mithradates, who was finally driven out of the country by Pompey, and died 63 B.C. Under the settlement of Asia Minor by Pompey, Bithynia-Pontus and Cilicia became provinces, whilst Galatia and Cappadocia were allowed to retain nominal independence for over half a century more under native kings, and Lycia continued an autonomous League.

In 1823; the Crown of Our Lord, attributed to Michael of Florence, a Camaldolese monk (c. 1516), and consisting of 33 Paters, 5 A y es and a Credo; St Bridget's, 7 Paters and 63 A y es, in honour of the joys and sorrows of the Blessed Virgin and the 63 years of her life.

The Mishnah itself contains 63 tractates, or, since IV.

By these means, and by the lavishness of his expenditure on public entertainments as aedile, he acquired such popularity with the plebs that he was elected pontifex maximus in 63 B.C. against such distinguished rivals as Q.