Sentence Examples with the word 62

The light of Algol remains constant during close upon 56 hours; then declines in 62 hours (approximately) to nearly one-fourth its normal amount, and is restored by sensibly the same gradations.

The arc is produced by leading a current of about 5000 volts equatorially between the poles of an electromagnet; this produces what is practically a disk of flame, 62 ft.

WARASDIN (Hungarian, Varasd; Croatian, Varazdin), a royal free town of Hungary, and capital of the county of Warasdin, in Croatia-Slavonia; on the right bank of the Drave, 62 m.

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In 62 he prevented the execution of the praetor Antistius, who had written a libel upon the emperor, and persuaded the senate to pass a milder sentence.

Nolde gives an instance from his own experience of a camel rider covering 62 m.

MORTLAKE, a village in the Kingston parliamentary division of Surrey, England, on the Thames, 62 m.

Long built in1902-1905by the co-operative Grass Valley-Frenchtown Irrigation Company, and the Teton Co-operative Canal Company in 1906 began work on a diversion canal from the Teton River, whose waters are to be stored by a dam 62 ft.

On the 25th of lvIarch the Remonstrance, now termed the Petition and Advice, and including a new scheme of government, was passed by a majority of 123 to 62 in spite of the opposition of the officers; and on the 31st it was presented to Cromwell in the Banqueting House at Whitehall whence Charles I.

It is on the site of the Roman Pistoriae, which is hardly mentioned in ancient times, except for the destruction of Catiline's forces and the slaughter of their leader near it in 62 B.C., and as a station on the road between Florentia and Luca; and earlier still by Plautus, but only with jesting allusion to the similarity of the name to the word pistor (baker).

Montgomery, The Samaritans, Philadelphia, 1907; p. 62 seq.).