Sentence Examples with the word 60

The extreme length is 360 ft., the breadth 156 ft., the breadth of the nave 60 ft., and its height (domes within)is 112 ft.

These are the conditions of Buganda, a country with an annual rainfall of from 60 to 80 in., a regular West African climate, and severe and frequent thunderstorms. Much the same may be said about the Western province, except for the cooling influence of the Ruwenzori snow range, which pleasantly affects Toro and northern Ankole.

The columns encircling the cylindrical portion are stunted and much broader at the base than the top; the capitals are Doric. Many of the columns, 60 in number, have been much damaged.

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The length, excluding lesser sinuosities, is about 60 m., Salisbury being 35 m.

The island is of recent geological formation; it consists almost wholly of disintegrated sandstone or clay (which rises at the north-west into cliffs up to 60 ft.

In one case, indeed, the average produce by mixed minerals and nitrogenous manure was more than that by the annual application of farmyard manure; and in seven out of the ten cases in which such mixtures were used the average yield per acre was from over two to over eight bushels more than the average yield of the United Kingdom (assuming this to be about twenty-eight bushels of 60 lb per bushel) under ordinary rotation.

Other Californian cypresses are C. macrocarpa, the Monterey cypress, which is 60 ft.

Speed to 60 fathoms for 20 knots, the pull of the line and rotator is borne by coned rollers, having their outlines tapering to a common point in their rotation, thus giving a broad rolling surface.

In roasting a ton of rich blende containing 60 per cent.

The sessions were biennial and limited to 60 days.