Sentence Examples with the word 595

The Marquesas Islands were discovered on the 21st of July 1 595 by Alvaro Mendana, who, however, only knew of the southeastern group, to which he gave the name by which they are generally known (although they also bear his own), in honour of Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, marquis of Canete, viceroy of Peru, and patron of the voyage.

After the death of Childebert in 595 she resolved to augment the kingdom of Neustria at the expense of Austrasia, and to this end seized some cities near Paris and defeated Theodebert at the battle of Laffaux, near Soissons.

This fear proved to be well founded, for the result of the referendum in New South Wales showed 7 1, 595 votes in favour of the bill and 66,228 against it, and it was accordingly lost.

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Muller, has been generally accepted by modern archaeologists; and it is a strong point in its favour that the bishop of Orvieto in 595 signs himself episcopus civitatis Bulsiniensis (Gregor.

St Peter's Complaint with other Poems was published in April 595 without the author's name, and was reprinted thirteen times during the next forty years.