Sentence Examples with the word 594

This varies in metals from 594 (lithium) to 22.48 (osmium), and in one and the same species is a function of temperature and of previous physical and mechanical treatment.

At this latter privilege, which perhaps formed the strongest bulwark of the authority of the Eupatridae, a severe blow was struck (c. 621 B.C.) by the publication of a criminal code by Draco, which was followed by the more detailed and permanent code of Solon (c. 594 B.C.), who further threw open the highest offices to any citizen possessed of a certain amount of landed property (see SoLON), thus putting the claims of the Eupatridae to political influence on a level with those of the wealthier citizens of all classes.

Altogether they number close upon one million, and are thus distributed: 3 6 5,959 in Esthonia (in 1897), 5 18, 594 in Livonia, 64,116 in the government of St Petersburg, 25,458 in that of Pskov, and 12,855 in other parts of Russia.

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Of Krasnovodsk and 594 from Samarkand, situated in a small oasis at the N.

Pop. (1890) 24,651; (1900) 26,121, of whom 8768 were foreignborn, including 4388 English Canadians, Boo French Canadians, 665 Irish, 653 Finns and 594 Portuguese; (1910 census) 2 4,39 8.