Sentence Examples with the word 56

The Treveri or Treviri, from whom the city derived its name, were one of the most powerful tribes among the Belgae, and according to Julius Caesar, who conquered them in 56 B.C., possessed the best cavalry.

His position as a naturalized foreigner, his influence and his wealth naturally made Balbus many enemies, who in 56 put up a native of Gades to prosecute him for illegally assuming the rights of a Roman citizen, a charge directed against the triumvirs equally with himself.

Four days afterwards Wilbur Wright at Le Mans in France beat all previous records with a flight lasting hour 31 minutes 25-tseconds, in which he covered about 56 m.; and subsequently, on the 11th of October, he made a flight of hour 9 minutes accompanied by a passenger.

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A big shell went through the upper deck and burst just where 56 marines were waiting to charge up the gangways, killing 49 and wounding seven.

In 56 B.e., at the conference of Luca (Lucca), Caesar, Pompey and Crassus had renewed their agreement, and Caesar's Break-up command in Gaul, which would have expired on the of thak-up ist of March 54 B.e., was renewed, probably for five Coalition.

The active army is divided into 56 regiments of the line with 2 battalions each, 20 battalions of rifles or cazadores, 2 Balearic Islands, I Melilla, 4 African battalions of light infantry, 2 battalions of rifles in the Can.aries.

Mulhouse), a town of Germany, in Upper Alsace, on the Ill, an affluent of the Rhine, and the RhineRhone canal, about 56 m.

This shows a considerable improvement, largely, but not entirely, in the diminution of infant mortality; the expectation of life at birth in 1882, it is true, was only 33 years and 6 months, and at three years of age 56 years I month; but the increase, both in the expectation of life and in its average duration, goes all through the different ages.

The town had 56 fulling-mills; but about this time the industry began to decay, and is now extinct.

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